Our TERMOSAK thermal cushion heated in a microwave, oven, radiator or any other suitable heat source, will provide you with a HEAT effect that when applied to your body will be INDICATED by its anti-contracting and pain-relieving effect to: Relax, asthma, rheumatism, colic, pain from throat, menstrual pain, osteoarthritis, muscle contractures, ear pain, stiff neck, cervical pain, low back pain, back pain, chronic sprain, fasciitis, tired feet, chronic or subacute tendinitis, sinusitis, pain in general, and many other applications, Ah, you can also heating your bed with it, you will have very good feelings.

If you want to heat it in a microwave, Place the seed cushion inside the microwave, the time that the label marks, in a vertical and circular position, in the shape of a u, we recommend with a small glass of water, every 5 or 10 uses, in the center or in a corner, to help the product rehydrate, and thus its properties will last longer, in the oven wrap it in aluminum foil 8-9 minutes at 180 degrees.

On the contrary, if you need a COLD effect applied to your body, which helps you to alleviate the effects of many local inflammations, you should put it in the freezer, it is INDICATED for: Fever, carpal tunnel syndrome, bumps, varicose veins, acute sprain, stings insect, urticaria, blisters, dental pain, nosebleeds, headache, migraines, heat stroke, processes of acute inflammation in general, and many other things, remember it in summer, when a little chill feels so good.

Place the seed cushion in the freezer in a paper bag but a plastic one and leave it from 45-60 minutes, better, if you leave it longer (you can leave it for days since it does not freeze), then apply it on the affected area.

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