How should I put the seed cushion in the microwave?

Put the cushion in the microwave in a vertical position, circularly in the shape of a horseshoe without touching the interior wall of the microwave in the entire heating process, as shown in the graph, on our website in the application tab you can see an explanatory video , you must watch that the combi or grill mode is not activated.

At what temperature should I put the microwave and how long?

The label of each cushion has marked the power and time of use in the microwave and in the freezer, keep in mind that over time the microwave loses properties, so the heating capacity may vary.

What is the thermal bag filled with?

We work with seeds of the fabaceae family, of high quality, density and resistance to use, they are also small in diameter of 25/30 mm. Approximately, this quality provides great ergonomics and adaptability to any part of the body, this type of seed gives the product a very long life, much more than seeds from other types of families, in addition we add dry lavender leaves so that the cushion has a pleasant and relaxing smell.

If I overheat it, what can happen?

You must always respect the times marked on the product label, we use high hardness seeds, but if the cushion emits a strong odor, it is because we have put it too long or too much power in the microwave, as would happen with food, but not nothing happens, do not worry, let it cool for 60 minutes and reheat it with less intensity or less time, remember that microwaves over time lose qualities and you will have to adapt the times and powers.

Where can I heat it if I don't have a microwave?

You can also heat it in the oven wrapped in aluminum foil but at 180 degrees for 8-10 minutes, which would be our recommended time, but you can try another minute, until you like it. Another good option is that you place it on the radiator, you will be surprised how long the heat lasts in the thermal bag.

Why are some cushion models not full of seeds, to their maximum capacity?

We leave a margin of space without seeds so that the cushion can adapt perfectly to any area of ​​the body, better ergonomics, if it were very full it would be very rigid and would not adapt well, for example in the 45x14 cm model. without gaps we leave a space of approximately ⅓ part unfilled.

Can i wash it?

We have some products with a built-in washable cover and others without a cover, products with a cover can wash the cover, the cushion cannot, the seeds cannot get wet and for cushions without a cover, if you have any stains we recommend dry cleaning products normally sprays or you can also clean it with wet hygiene wipes.

How long do I have to apply the thermal bag?

Physiotherapists and doctors advise applying per hour, no more than 20/25 minutes in heat and no more than 10/15 minutes in cold on the affected area, the heat or cold must last the appropriate time to produce a true relaxation effect of the tissues. A prolonged exposure such as with an electric blanket can cause the reverse effect, if you have an acute process you can have it served 3 or 4 times a day, always, if you can, consult your Physiotherapist or Doctor.

Do the thermal bags contain any chemical element?

They are 100% natural, without chemicals, highly durable seeds and dry lavender only, we like the natural.

Can I use it with my baby?

Yes, especially for colic and warming your crib, being careful with the temperature, since the baby's skin is more sensitive than ours.

Can you customize the product for me?

Sure, we can customize designs and fabrics, both for business, social or family events and what may arise, contact us by sending your proposal and we will study it together.

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