TERMOSAK is 100% natural, therapeutic and relaxing, made with a combination of high-quality and long-lasting seeds and dried lavender leaves, so you can heat or cool it as you need, with quality seeds you will get a long-lasting heat or cold effect , it will also give you a pleasant sensation of relaxation, it gives off a soft natural scent of lavender, you will not have discomfort, you will no longer need boiling water for your water bag or expose yourself to electricity with your electric mat.

The thermal bag has an effect similar to traditional hot-cold packs but much more natural, and above all a better adaptability to the body, without the danger of heat or cold burns, the heat produced is a dry heat more advisable than others. types of heat, the freezer does not freeze, even if it is days inside it. We manufacture the thermal sleeping bag with resistant fabrics and pleasant designs.

With the thermal seed bag you will not have to worry about its decomposition for prolonged use, it always maintains the same volume, the seeds do not break down over time or intensive use, when time passes, the heat or cold effect will keep the At the same time that it lasted you in principle, some of our models also have the possibility of having a removable and washable cover, with the same fabric design as the thermal cushion.

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